Cosmetic Dentistry

The services you’ll find on this page may be called “cosmetic”, but in reality, they do far more than help you look your best. Procedures like teeth veneers and composite bonding all help restore the color and overall look of your teeth, giving you a healthy, natural-looking smile.

This means that what they really do is help you look, feel and act amazing. A single off-looking tooth can be a major blow to one’s self-esteem and comfort – and our clinic offers a variety of ways to make things right. Continue reading to find out what we can do to help you get a set of teeth that’s straight, naturally white and beautiful – today.

Teeth Whitening

This is perhaps the most popular dental procedure in the world today. This is because tooth enamel tends to yellow and grey with age. It doesn’t matter how perfect your dental hygiene is, how outstanding your genetics are and how healthy your lifestyle is – your teeth will dull as you get older.

(This is especially true today, when the average American lives for nearly 80 years. That’s just too much time to live without seeing any dental deterioration.)

Fortunately, removing a micro-layer of enamel from your teeth reveals the strong, naturally white tissue that you had as a teenager. We can help you do this professionally, making sure you don’t damage your teeth – as sometimes happens during DIY whitening procedures. To learn more, simply click here.


Would you like for your teeth to be white, beautiful and youthful forever – even if you occasionally forget to brush them and/or enjoy the occasional wine or coffee? Then you may want to consider veneers: hard shells that go over your teeth.

These hard shells replicate the look, feel and function of your own teeth – and unlike organic tissue, they never rot, decay or crumble. They may become damaged over time, but you can always replace them easily – as well as change their colour or shape whenever you feel like it. (Read more here).

Composite Bonding

Veneers are wonderful – but sometimes, you may have a problem that doesn’t require you to get them over your natural teeth. Instead, it may be enough to use a highly durable, highly pliable dental resin that can be applied to the teeth to change their color or shape.

This is what’s called composite bonding – and it is done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. For starters, it can act as a filling material for cracks, chips and groove fractures. Second, it can alter the shape and hue of a tooth, eliminating the need for a pricier veneer or crown. (Read more here).

If you’d like to know more about our cosmetic services, click any of the links on this page or in the navigational menu above. If you’d like to book a visit, simply get in touch at (480) 830-5100 – and we’ll be more than happy to give you the information you need.

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