Crowns and Bridges

Missing teeth can be a major blow to one’s self-image and personal comfort. For starters, it’s pleasant to think that every time you open your mouth, you reveal a gap-toothed smile. It can make it hard to smile, relax and communicate with other people comfortably.

Second, it’s difficult to chew and drink when you’ve got teeth missing. Tough foods, like meat and cereal, become a major annoyance – and even soft, chewy treats like ice cream and soup can end in pain and discomfort. A missing tooth reveals the sensitive gums underneath it, and when they come into contact with food particles, hot and cold temperatures as well as saliva, they can become irritated and sore.

The third reason missing teeth are a pain is that your gum and jawbone tissue both deteriorate without them. Patients who’ve had missing teeth for a while often require bone and gum grafts if they delayed seeking immediate medical treatment. This isn’t the sort of thing you want to happen to you or someone you know – so on this page, we’ll tell you all about the crowns and bridges we offer at our clinic.


A crown is a tooth-shaped, hard cap that goes over an implant or a tooth fragment that’s too small to look and feel like a natural tooth. First, you come in to get fitted for your crown. Then, your dentist sends the color, shape and position of the required piece so a dental lab can create it. Afterwards, you come in to get the crown permanently attached to your implant or tooth tissue.

Our clinic specializes in porcelain crowns, which are indistinguishable from natural teeth to lay people. The average “life expectancy” of these crowns, which are made from modern dental materials – not necessarily porcelain – is a decade. The time it takes to install one can vary from several working days to a month if you require implant surgery.

We also offer same-day crowns in emergencies and cases when you really need to look your best, right now. The technology for creating these is a little more complex, which can make same-day crowns more expensive but the end-result is the same: a healthy, natural-looking “tooth” that you can use immediately.

Not sure if you’ve got enough tooth left for a crown? We offer dental crown lengthening, which “releases” more of your tooth, allowing us to give you a crown without resorting to implants.

Dental Bridges

If a missing tooth is surrounded by natural teeth, you can use a dental bridge instead of a crown. A dental bridge is a set of up to 3 artificial teeth also typically made from porcelain. The bridge is attached to healthy teeth on either side, meaning there’s no need for an implant or a tooth root.

All of this makes bridges perfect for people whose jaw tissue, gum tissue or tooth tissue can not support crowns – as well as older folks who don’t wish to go through surgery.

To find out more about any of the services listed on this page and schedule your visit, simply call us at (480) 830-5100 and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

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