Sedation Dentistry

The mere thought of seeing a dentist is enough to strike panic into the hearts of otherwise brave children and adults. The sight of a doctor; the sound of a drill; that sinking feeling that doesn’t leave you after you walk through the doors of a dental clinic… That’s not something you want to experience for yourself – and it’s not something you want those close to you to ever feel, either.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get all the dental care you need without any of these feelings. In fact, you can have a fantastic, fun time in the dentist’s chair – even if you’re usually dead scared of doctors. An entire branch of our profession – sedation dentistry – is dedicated to helping patients feel relaxed and at ease as they get dental care. The specific kind we specialize in is…

Inhaled Sedation

There are multiple ways to get over the negative feelings that can accompany a visit to the dentist. Most of them involve “heavy” sedation that involves a recovery period wherein you won’t have all your hand-eye coordination. The one type of sedation that doesn’t, and which allows you to drive yourself home immediately afterwards, is inhaled sedation.

What happens is that you get a special nose mask that directs nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, towards your nose and into your breathing system. The mask also supplies oxygen, meaning you can sit back and relax as your sedation solution enters your bloodstream.

Inhaled sedation has numerous advantages. First, as you know from the paragraphs above, you’ll be able to drive yourself home. Second, you’ll be awake the whole time – so if you’re uncomfortable or scared of being unconscious in a dental cabinet, that’s not anything you’ll have to worry about.

Lastly, inhaled sedation means your dentist can control the amount of gas you’re getting. With your cooperation, the two of you can control the process in real-time, which isn’t possible with regular sedation that requires you to get sedated before the procedure begins.

Are Painkillers Still Necessary?

Nitrous oxide relaxes you psychologically – but it isn’t a painkiller. You will require those for certain procedures, especially implants; bone grafts; tooth extraction.

Fortunately, we can help you get the painkillers you need without feeling as much as the prick of a needle. What we do is apply a transdermal solution to numb the area that needs work first – and then apply a micro-needle that causes no pain or discomfort.

If you’d like to know about how our sedation dentistry services can help you, or your child, get the necessary dental care without feeling fear or pain, call us at (480) 830-5100. Our staff is always ready and willing to help our patients make the best choice!

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